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How to Dialogue with Postmoderns

I was recently brought this question while teaching on evangelism. "How can I witness to someone who doesn't feel that the Bible is reliable and basically believes that Christianity is a crutch". Add these tools to your evangelism! This was one of my most favorite sermons. This download link holds the MP3 or audio file of this lecture. Download it and save it to your iPod. It addresses a lot of evangelical questions that are useful for any ministry. Watch the video below. 


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Evangelism and Apologetics

At Gospel for Life we train believers to effectively share their faith. We begin by helping them learn to set forth the biblical framework for the Gospel—namely that God is Creator, Ruler, and Sustainer of all that He has made. As our culture moves further into relativism it is becoming increasingly necessary to lay the groundwork for the Gospel. In Paul’s message on Mars Hill (Acts 17:22-31), he laid the foundation for the Gospel by starting with Biblical worldview before He proclaimed the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. 

Gospel for Life offers advanced training in evangelism and apologetics. Our course, Worldview Evangelism Training, is a college level course which Jay has written and currently teaches at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA. The course is especially relevant for university pastors and their core groups. Jay has used the Worldview Evangelism curriculum to train campus pastors, college students, and lay leaders in both California and Michigan.

Download the Worldview Brochure (PDF)

Leadership Development

Gospel for Life is actively involved in teaching men’s workshops and developing materials for building leadership skills in men. We are convinced that the vitality of the Christian family and the local church is directly tied to the willingness of men to exercise their God-given spiritual influence. Only when men learn to lead spiritually in the home and the church will the true shepherding and discipleship which Christ commanded take place.
This winter (2007) Jay developed a seminar for Christian men known as ‘Men on Target’. The concept is illustrated by the rings of a target. The center pictures a man’s privilege and duty of abiding in Christ. A man’s faithfulness in the ‘bull’s eye’ of the target (abiding in Christ) fits him to lead spiritually in his family (the next ‘ring’ out from the bull’s eye). The second concentric ring is the man’s role in his local church. And the last ring is his role in outreach and missions. 

Spiritual Life

Discipleship in spiritual living is a ministry of Gospel for Life which helps believers understand the supremacy of Christ and the centrality of the Gospel. When believers are focused upon their gracious resources in Christ as promised in the Gospel; they will be better equipped to grow up in all things into Him who is the Head—Christ (Eph 4:15).

Gospel for Life offers training in the ‘Dynamics of Grace’—a Gospel-centered discipleship course which instructs believers in how to grow in grace and live the cross-centered life. Jay’s course in the Dynamics of Grace has been taught in Bible institutes and college retreats and will soon be taught by Jay at The Master’s College.